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When it comes to choosing an accountant, you may feel like you’re staring at a sea of gray suits with no clue how to tell one from another.

Not at Isis.

You see we’re only like other accountants in the really good ways (we’re amazing with numbers for a start!). In many other respects, we’re quite different to what you probably picture in your mind when someone mentions accountancy.

Here are 5 great reasons to choose Isis Business Solutions:

  1. We’re real human beings!

    Well, of course we are … but it’s important to know. When you talk to us, you won’t feel bamboozled by jargon; and we absolutely positively promise never to send you to sleep talking about the ins and outs of tax legislation changes since 1843.

    What you’ll get is plain speaking straightforward advice and guidance on the very best way to handle your finances. Advice and guidance that can give you more time and energy to focus on doing what you really love, knowing your accounts are 100% sorted.

  2. Because we don’t just “do the books”

    Hey, there’s nothing wrong with specialising. But it does mean that if you want help with other aspects of your business, your “straight down the line” accountant probably isn’t your man (or woman).

    Here at Isis, we have real world experience and expertise in all facets of business management (after all, we’ve grown our own business from scratch to be one of the most successful in the region).

    Whether it’s finance, legal, sales and marketing or any other aspect of your business, you can make us your first port of call. Of course that doesn’t mean we’ll make it up if we don’t know – our network of savvy contacts can always be called upon to deliver laser-precision assistance whenever you need.

  3. Because you’ll never have speak to HMRC again

    Think of Isis as your financial bodyguard! When the taxman comes knocking (or creditors chase) simply pass everything on to us and we’ll handle it professionally for you.

    We know exactly what you’re entitled to and exactly how to deal with the government number crunchers to ensure that you get what you deserve. And because we do it day in, day out, we’re really really good at it!

  4. Because you don’t need the headaches

    Let’s face it – life’s stressful enough! You’ve got a business to run, people to manage (kids to entertain, a dog to walk…). You don’t need to wrestle with your company accounts as well.

    Isis Business Solutions is like a box of paracetamol (yes, we can be a bodyguard and a box of paracetamol if we want). We take away that annoying headache and replace it with feelings of serenity and relaxation.

    Never lose a night’s sleep over your accounts again.

  5. You’ll just love us!

    Yes, we’ve said how great it is to work with us – but we’re going to say it again. Having Isis on your side feels good. It feels like your team just got a little bit stronger – like you’ve got better at what you do.

    We’re not stuffy; we’re not wordy. We’re just – normal.

    And you’ll like that.

For a very normal conversation, call us today on 0845 345 7785 or contact us here and we’ll let you know how we can help.

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